going to a show with a stranger I elbowed in the head four years ago

Social media can be pretty beneficial sometimes.

Flashback to four years ago, when I was dancing and singing at the top of my lungs along to one of my favorite bands at the time: The Last Bison.
Now I am quite tall, and this girl in front of me was quite the opposite. I ended up accidentally elbowing this girl in the head repeatedly that night. When she turned around to address me I thought she would certainly confront me in a fit of furry. Instead, she told me it was alright and that she was glad my friends and I were enjoying the concert as much as her.
We exchanged contact information, and and I never heard from her again– with the exception of  Facebook newsfeed updates.
That is until recently.
She saw that I was in town and invited me to this cool new bar about thirty minutes away to see a live show.
I love shows.
More than anything.
Knowing virtually nothing about this girl, I sent her my address so that we could carpool late at night to this venue together.
I broke essentially every lesson we were taught as kids. I led this girl directly to my home, rode with her for a decent distance alone to someplace I’ve never been.
All at night.
I remember how sweet she was, though, so I figured she was harmless. I still brought my mace along. Not really sure how that would have protected me in the car, but I’m not entirely trusting.
Sometimes I feel pretty comfortable among strangers. The whole car ride was filled with conversation and we continued talking at the venue.
She ran into some ghosts from her past there, so I became like a phantom and disappeared on my own for a bit.
Standing in the center of this slender bar, staring at the antique lightbulb fixtures draped from the ceiling. I imagined the pictures I would stuff in the empty distressed picture frames tacked to the wall.
I stood there alone.
While many people around me held onto conversations on the edges of the walls, and I stayed in the middle. Perfectly content. Knowing very well I could delve into a conversation, but instead taking a moment for myself to just exist in a space for a bit, choosing not to be self conscious of how I looked standing alone. Choosing to be confident and unapologetic to those around me with my presence being there alone and content.
She was originally worried about not getting to the show on time. It was supposed to start at 9 and we got there around 9:20— I told her it wouldn’t start until 9:30, most likely 10. I’ve been to one too many shows to know— they never start on time.
The performances started at 10.
The band was amazing. My favorite part of live music is loosing my awareness of the crowd and becoming the notes of the music— feeling the lyrics. I often close my eyes and just allow my body to move in the way it naturally is guided with the music. This is the epitome of steady vibing.
I then open my eyes realizing that there are people around me and I’m not in my own sphere. In that moment we are actually all connected. Live music is the key.
Life has a way of coming full circle sometimes. Before I knew it a member of the band of the concert the girl and I met at was standing next to us. She knew him— I got to get to know him better. The universe was balanced in that moment. It made sense.
The next band came on and more grooving continued. We left at midnight.
I feel like these moments in my life have strange morals. Perhaps I write about them so you can take something from them. I encourage you to find your meanings to the twisted tales I tell— like going to a show with a stranger at night.
I could have been at home doing nothing. Instead I had a good night filled with live music, new people, a different environment, and just the right amount of awkwardness.
I certainly didn’t imagine I’d be going to a show with the stranger I elbowed in the head at a concert four years ago.
But, I’m glad I did.
This is a long overdue post. Thank you for your patience on the wait.

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