if it’s a nice day and you have a few hours you should, without a doubt, take a road trip

I don’t dislike he smell of gasoline like some people do. 
I wouldn’t wear it as a fragrance, but I don’t mind the smell.
These were my thoughts as I stared at the minature plastic hula girl on the dashboard— her once vibrantly painted colors turned sun bleached from the light.
Come to think of it, that was slightly ironic because it felt like this was the first time I had seen the sun for months. It had been a brutal winter filled with cabin fever from being snowed in so often. This was the first nice day of the season.
My friend had just finished up gassing up his car, and when he opened he door the hula girl thrusted her hips from side to side.
He only had a few hours to spare before he had other academic obligations, but he agreed to taking a mini road trip to fill the in-between space. We both had our cameras (an essential accessory to any road trip/adventure) and we were ready to hit the road.
So we picked a random road.
And we followed it to see where it took us.
I’m not too keen on destinations sometimes. It’s fun to see where life will take you. We drove a long stretch of winding road and popped into a tiny mini-mart filled with items such as overpriced pickled eggs and beer.
The linoleum tile floors were stained with tinges of yellow from wear over the years. The shelves were lined in a finite layer of dust and stocked with a select amount of neglected items. Items, that didn’t look the slightest bit appetizing. Despite its worn-in appearance there was a certain charm to the eclectic nature of the store, but our time was limited. A tiny bell attached to the door gave out a slight ring when we left.
Back on the road we pointed out different mountains that looked interesting to climb in the future. We tried to determine how far away each mountain looked— their dominating presence always makes them appear closer than they really are. We drove over mountains. We drove through valleys.
We listened to The Tallest Man on Earth.
There were moments filled with conversation— as any good road trip has. The moments where you get to know the person you already know even better.
There were moments of silence. And silence is good too— reminding me that not every space is meant to be filled.
We got out of the car at one point, and found ourselves at this place called “The Point.”
He and I lived in the same dorm freshman year and we nicknamed a secret location in the dorm The Point. We used to play guitar there because the acoustics were great, and it was rare that anyone ever interrupted because it was a less populated location. Mainly, I would just listen to him play guitar there.
He’s a pretty talented fellow.
I would go there by myself at odd hours and write different songs when I needed some quiet time to myself. I would come to terms about certain things via lyrics and music. The Point was a pretty special place.
And here we were, at “The Point.”
I keep finding that life has a funny way of working out sometimes.
We climbed through, what appeared to be, poison ivy making our way through the marshy foliage down to the creek. There was a tire sitting in the water. Perfectly content with how out of place it was.
I could relate.
We explored around this area for a bit before returning to the car.
If it’s a nice day and you have a few hours you should, without a doubt, take a road trip. There were a million other things I could think of to do that day. I could have gone to the library and worked on my final project for a class. I could have cleaned my apartment. I could have written some long overdue Thank You notes. I could have taken a nap, quite honestly, because sleep is becoming harder and harder to come by. Instead I took a road trip with someone I hadn’t seen in a while.
It’s easy to get caught up in life. To get caught up in work, school, relationships, society, organizations, obligations, etc…
But if you have a few hours to spare, try something different. Take an unfamiliar road, bring some great company along, have a road trip playlist ready, and just go. Even if it’s only an hour or two–
you should, without a doubt, take a road trip.
And just, get lost for a bit.

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