Carova Adventure

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    “You have no idea what to expect…”

    Julie, one of my best friends, had turned to me smiling when she said this. We had just struggled to gas up at a local station where everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was gassing up both their truck and their boats. Everyone was heading to Carova today.

    Only 20 minutes prior to being in Julie’s car, I was scrambling out of bed to throw on a swimsuit, grab my camera, and chuck a towel and some sunscreen in my backpack in less than ten minutes and racing to her house. She had unexpectedly invited me to Carova, and I was down for an adventure.

    Carova is an interesting place to travel to. There are two ways to get there. You can either drive there (which takes quite sometime) or you can take a boat. We, much like everyone else traveling to Carova that day, took a small boat. Once on the other side of the water, we piled into one of Julie’s family’s cars.

    Let me mention this— if you want to get anywhere in Carova you need four-wheel drive because there are no paved roads here. Heck, there aren’t even stop signs at the intersections. There are just bumpy roads concocted of sand, dirt, and mud. This place is green too: trees, plants, and bushes grow wildly everywhere you look. It’s beautiful. It’s simple.

    And quiet. How was it so quiet?

    As we were driving it dawned on me.

    There are no shops, hotels, restaurants, groceries stores… nothing. I checked my phone… no service and no connection to internet.

    This place was a perfect getaway from society.

    Julie was right. I had no idea what to expect.

    We then drove along the beach in front of a long line of trucks parked casually on the sand. My gaze lingered towards the sand dunes where wild horses were relaxing comfortably. This was something I was certainly not accustomed to.

    We arrived to a place where we would park and campout with several other vehicles that had already parked and camped out. We were surrounded by a community of people where everyone knew everyone. I spent the majority of the day relaxing out in the sun, meeting people, and listening. It was interesting hearing conversations about antics that happened the day before or how things were going in these people’s lives. It felt like one giant family gathered together on the beach.

    And I felt immediately accepted by this family— never once feeling left out by these kind and inclusive beings.

    On top of that, the weather was perfect. The sun was shining. The people were great. The music was on point.

    I think Carova is a great place to visit on its own. It is a place to be explored and cherished for its simplicity, but I think what makes this place particularly special are the people you will meet there. It is a place where you can feel completely present in the moment.

    With the lack of basic amenities and no connection to internet, it’s a great way to reconnect both with nature and to those around you. Let’s face it, we all need a little break from modern society now and then…


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