Father John Misty

Music Monday

Father John Misty’s music… It’s actually quite hard to describe his music now that I’m sitting down to write about it. It has such a strangely vintage vibe creating this unexplainable nostalgic feel to his music. It’s upbeat yet somber, psychedelic yet folk, but there is one thing I can say with certainty–

He’s got a great voice.FatherJohnMisty_portrait_03-608x408-350x300

And a very interesting artistic style to the way he approaches his music. I have his album on vinyl and I listen to it constantly (yes I do enjoy a good vinyl album). Fear Fun is arguably one of my favorite vinyls even though it came out nearly two years ago.

I WILL say… Not everyone will like his music. It’s a bit on the slower side, but it’s good for everyday easy listening. This one will be a hit or miss. You will either really like it or really not like it.

I figured it’s worth sharing though because it is currently spinning in my good ol’ record player right now. Picking a song was hard, but I went with one that is a bit more popular and has a rather interesting music video. Listen to Father John Misty below:

To find out more about Father John Misty check out:


IMG_6937 - Version 3

Grayson Anthony Photography


IMG_20140714_141025705     IMG_20140714_141039607


IMG_20140714_121143187_HDR      IMG_20140714_140653716


All photographs featured were taken by Grayson Anthony (with the exception of the header image). These photos were taken during his recent travels to Georgia.

Special thanks to Grayson for sharing his photography passion and creative vision on The Lost Local!

Meet Grayson Anthony

IMG_6939 - Version 4


He describes himself as 20% hipster and 80% beach bum.

He is also this week’s guest photographer. Grayson is an adventurer, a traveler, and a master of nearly any accent. He focuses on shooting different artistic landscapes, while also capturing his own unique perspective on the world in the process. Stay tuned this week to see some of Grayson’s photography from his most recent travels.


Music Monday

I almost don’t really want to write much about this Music Monday’s feature Hozier. His music reallyimage-hozier speaks for itself. I have trouble even picking one song to suggest because his music is just so different.

I think what I like most about his music is that his songs, even his voice, has such a dark quality to it. I have only recently started listening to him, but from what I have listened to thus far, he has a lot of great lyrical content as well.

I decided to feature his most popular song Take Me to Church for several reasons.

1. I actually just really like the song, not gonna to lie

2. The lyrics in this song are interesting and takes a point of view. It’s not just a pointless song and actually contains a deeper meaning

3. The music video. I’m not going to say much about it because I really want you to watch it below.

Hozier // Take Me to Church from Feel Good Lost on Vimeo.

To find out more about Hozier check out:


Exploring Richmond, VA

Summer has been crazy and hectic working multiple jobs trying to earn as much money as possible before returning back to school this fall. To be honest with you, up until this morning my car’s sandy interior was laden with green tea bottles, empty coffee cups, KIND bar wrappers, and beach towels from running from one place to the next in a constant hurry. Although at 7 AM this morning– that all changed. I vacuumed my car. Emptied all the trash. Filled up my gas tank. Pumped up my tires. And called into work today (don’t tell my boss) in order to go to my guilty pleasure local city…

Richmond, Virginia.IMG_6834 - Version 2

And my, oh, my was this trip long overdue. I will always consider myself a beach chick, but I do love the artistic allure of a hip city. With that being said, I rounded up two of my close friends, Sean and Morgan, last minute to join me on a quick road trip.

Tips to any good road trip:

  • Good music selection in the car
  • Great company
  • Coffee, lots of coffee

In the two weeks leading up to this trip my coworkers have been helping me compile a list of things to do in Richmond and, needless to say, we accomplished a great deal of them. Again, I am biased. I LOVE Richmond as a quick little artsy getaway. The place is crawling with hipsters– yes, I’m talking about the ones with handle bar mustaches, tattoos, and snazzy clothes. But, it is also extremely diverse; all walks of life live here, so I really enjoy all the different vibes that everyone brings to the table.

Tips for once you arrive to the destination:

  • Have a general idea of where you would like to go
  • Park in a spot where you won’t get ticketed
  • Get fuckin lost in the city– just pop into random stores, talk to strangers, chart your own territory. It’s cool to have a list of things to do, but don’t forget to just explore on your own. I just happened across the stuff on my lists without really looking for them.

We started off on a street none of us were too familiar with and ended up popping into random art galleries, local shops, record stores, music stores, and second hand shops. If it looked remotely interesting, we stopped in. I realized I was beaming after just an hour and a half going in and out of shops up and down this street. I needed the artsy local feel. I needed to feel this creative energy. It was refreshing.

Before we knew it, it was lunchtime. We were quite hungry, so we decided to stop at a place called Alamo BBQ. It’s a little dive on the top of this hill where if you walk about three minutes from the picnic tables you eat at, you can see all of Richmond (on top of Church Hill). Let me just say this… Alamo is fuckin amazing. Pardon my language, but my goodness this place was so good. It was recommended to us by a few of our coworkers and the food is relatively cheap, but packed with flavor. We all agreed that it was a great choice that we went there after all.

IMG_6852We then went back to driving around until we saw another place that looked interesting. We suddenly found ourselves exploring the older part of Richmond with cobblestone streets. We even meandered through an eerily silent train station.

Next we went to Hollywood Cemetery. I’m not super into the superstitious stuff, but with dark grey sky threatening us with rain and the sound of cawing crows, it set an ominous tone stereotypically fitting for a graveyard. Honestly, exploring a graveyard is a bit out of my comfort zone just because I never have really done it, but it was actually really interesting to see some of the intricate gravestones dating back to the 1800’s. It made me contemplate graveyard etiquette. This place was so cool, and I wanted to whip out my good ol’ camera and take pictures, but I didn’t know whether it would be disrespectful. Instead I opted to delete the pictures I took and put the camera back into my backpack. It only felt right.

We ended the day similar to the way we started it. Coffee. Some say don’t drink coffee after a certain hour, but I was certainly thankful for the amount of coffee I drank later when I drove us through a massive storm on the way home. We stopped at the most hipster coffee place ever called Lamplight Roasting Company. Man does this place know how to make some damn good coffee. I raved about this coffee for longer than I probably should have, and honestly longer than anyone would have ever really wanted to listen about coffee. I’ll spare the details and just say again– this place knows how to make some damn good coffee.

Afterward we went to a few more second hand vintage stores where I got high off the scent of Tobacco Black Pepper candles while contemplating whether or not I should spend nine dollars on these fancy toothpicks nestled in a test tube. After Sean and Morgan purchased some artsy mugs, we hit the road again to go back to our home.

How to know you had a successful road trip:

  • You needed that coffee at the end of the day to stay awake, while driving home
  • There were several minutes of silent contemplation
  • You can’t wait to go back

The Antlers

Music Mondays

Being stuck in traffic on a road trip doesn’t always have to suck, especially when you have sometheantlers great music playing in the background. I happened across a great radio station that played current indie music while driving through the western part of Virginia recently. The station featured this song called “Hotel” by The Antlers, and the song immediately struck my interest.

I’m a little embarrassed to be admitting that I honestly had never heard of The Antlers before discovering this song while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. I was surprised to find out that they have quite a few albums out already.

But I fell in love with this song. I will warn you, especially you fast-paced music lovers, it’s a slow song, but such a good one. It starts out with some killer lyrics:

In the hotel, I can’t remember how the past felt.
I rent a blank room to stop living in my past self.

This song is featured on The Antlers latest album Familiars, which was released a month ago (June 17, 2014 to be exact). Listen to “Hotel” by The Antlers below:

The Antlers – Hotel (Official Video) from PIASGermany on Vimeo.

To find out more about The Antlers visit:


Exploring Florida

New Video!

Some footage I put together from my recent trip to Florida. Experimenting with some different music to accompany some more obscure shots from the trip! Had a blast getting lost in Florida!

Check it out below:

Exploring Florida from Becca Calhoun on Vimeo.

Winter Park, Florida

Photography from a day trip in Winter Park. 

IMG_6812 - Version 2IMG_6753

IMG_6791IMG_6802 - Version 2



Milky Chance

Music Monday

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance is a song anyone and everyone can vibe to.

This song in particular is one of my summer favorites. This is one of my go-to songs for anything milky chancefrom screaming along to it in my car to just vibing to it late at night.

Stolen Dance is a versatile song that has a really indescribable sound. It’s not one particular genre– it’s soulful yet electronic yet pop yet…not.

Perhaps it’s best not to try to pigeon hole this song into a particular genre because whatever this is… is, well, refreshing. All I can say is, this is one of those songs you can play on repeat all day and not get sick of it.

Take a listen to it below:

To find out more about Milky Chance check out the following link: